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Peace Love Tidy offers four different packages based on your tidying needs. Please view each package below to see which option best suites your situation, then read the How It Works section before completing the Contact Form.

Tidying Workshop Package

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  • Time-flexible package that ranges between one and six hours of tidying services

  • Ideal for individuals or partners that would like an introductory "crash course" into the KonMari Method of Tidying their home

  • This workshop can also be used to tackle one area or category in someone's home

$60 for 1 hour
$115 for 2 hours
$165 for 3 hours

$50 for each additional hour up to a total of 6 hours

Tidying Workshop

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Tidying Festival Packages Offered


Starter Package

  • Includes five sessions, each lasting three hours 

  • Ideal for people who live alone or in a smaller space

  • Also suitable for those who are motivated to work on their own to complete each category after the session.

15 hours
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Standard Package

  • Includes 30 hours of tidying sessions, each session lasting between three and five hours

  • Ideal for individuals, partners, or families who live in an average sized home

  • Also a nice choice for those not wanting much "homework" in between sessions. 

30 hours

Ultimate Package

  • Includes 50 hours of tidying sessions, with each session being a minimum of three hours and a maximum of five hours.

  • Ideal for individuals, partners, or families who live in a larger home

  • Also a nice choice for family members to have their own sessions during the time.

50 hours
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